AIM breaches £80bn

The value of the AIM  market grew again in August reaching a level not seen for several years.

At the end of August 2016 there were 1,007 companies on AIM with the total market value £80.568bn. This compares with 1,010 companies on AIM at the end of July 2016 when the market value was £77.396bn.

This is the first time AIM had breached the £80bn month end market cap level since February 2014 when companies with a total market value of £1bn were admitted. August 2016’s new arrivals had a market capitalisation on AIM admission of only £197m highlighting the strong growth of the market as a whole.

While AIM remains well below its high point of July 2007 when the resources sector was in full swing and the market capitalisation of the junior market hit £108bn, we sense that the current newcomers are likely to be around a lot longer than the vast majority that joined back then.

It’s interesting to note that back in July 2007 a staggering 36 companies joined AIM with a market capitalisation of a whopping £2.5bn. Even August 2007 saw 27 admissions with a market capitalisation of £1.2bn. While the corporate brokers may be longing for a return of the glory days of old, we think shareholders are much better off with the current status quo of ‘less is more’.

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