Investing in AIM for tax efficient growth

Aim Shares

AIM shares are an outstanding asset class as well as a very attractive tax-planning tool.

Investing in AIM shares avoids the costs associated with forming a trust, or the risks associated with gifts. They are also a viable asset class in their own right to complement a balanced and diverse portfolio.

The Alternative Investment Market (AIM) is attractive for several reasons. It is home to a number of extremely well managed, long established companies. It is also a market for fast growing companies that offer opportunities to achieve superior capital growth.

AIM Shares include famous and well-managed companies

Household names like ASOS, the online shopping retailer, Nichols, owner of the Vimto brand and Mulberry Group, the luxury fashion brand, are all quoted on AIM.

Scores of other less well know, but well-managed firms offer year-on-year capital growth. CVS Group, the veterinary services provider, RWS Group, the specialist patent translator and James Halstead, the commercial flooring company have been stalwarts of our AIM portfolios for many years offering fantastic returns.

For every AIM company that has disappeared from sight there have been 10 that have more than doubled or trebled in size.

Our ethos and track record in AIM

Fundamental Asset Management has extensive experience in investing in AIM and has delivered outstanding returns to its clients for over 15 years. Our investment ethos for AIM IHT Portfolios is conservative and value based. At its foundation is our in depth, in-house research, which includes visiting and meeting senior management of up to 100 companies each year.

Portfolios are well diversified by name and sector (typically 20-30 names), for traditional portfolio diversification reasons as well as possible liquidity concerns. Stocks are selected from a list of AIM companies that have undergone a stringent screening and research process by our in-house team. Our philosophy is very much buy and hold; we are not frequent traders.

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