Themed portfolios investing in fantastic global companies

Model Portfolios

Invest in what you know and know what you are invested in

We have teamed up with our associates at research specialists Investor’s Champion to create themed portfolios investing in the shares of fantastic global companies.

We think our clients should have full visibility of their investments and a full understanding of why we have invested on their behalf.  Selections for our model portfolios follow extensive research and are supported by regular comment and updates from both Investor’s Champion and Fundamental.

Clients of Fundamental Asset Management benefit from free subscription to Investor’s Champion’s Premium Content.

High performing portfolios

We have created portfolios following growth and income themes.

Our Ultimate Stocks portfolio is growth oriented and invests in the shares of some high performing global giants. Find out more from the link here





Our Income Boosters portfolio offers a dividend yield ahead of the main UK blue chip indices and full visibility of holdings. Find out more from the link here

Why only 25 holdings?

Our model portfolios adopt a focused approach, investing in 25 stocks in each portfolio.

By restricting portfolio holdings to only 25 positions reduces the number of transactions and means we are obliged to think very carefully before making changes, thereby encouraging a patient long-term approach with a minimum of trading. It also avoids the sort of over-diversification which more often results in a drag in performance.

ISA and SIPP availability

Both portfolios can be managed through ISAs and SIPPs.

Low minimum investment

The minimum investment for our Income Boosters portfolios is only £20,000, equivalent to the annual ISA allowance.

Low management fees and dealing costs

Annual management fees for our model portfolios are 0.5% + VAT of the value of the portfolio, charged quarterly in arrears.

Dealing costs are just £15 per trade.

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