Paul Scott Small Cap Value Portfolio – open offer period

Value investing makes a comeback

To coin a much over-used footballing phrase, 2015 was very much a year of 2 halves for the Small Cap Value Portfolio (‘SCVP’), researched by Paul Scott. While the SCVP had a slow first half to the year, 2015 ended with a real flourish, as several portfolio stocks started performing extremely well, following strong trading updates. The most recent portfolio report, which can be downloaded from our Publications section of our web site offers plenty of colour on a fascinating year.

As you have come to expect from Paul through his highly-regarded and well-followed Small Cap Value Report for Stockopedia, the SCVP report delivers an open and honest assessment of the performance of all the stocks in the portfolio.

However, that’s the past, what of the future?

In terms of UK small caps, 2015 was dominated by growth companies and the momentum trade. Value shares were out of fashion and the share prices of many good value smaller quoted companies simply languished, attracting little investor interest. From what we have witnessed at the start of 2016, the momentum trade could be on the wane, with ‘Value’ making a come-back. As Value Investors, Paul and the rest of us at Fundamental are rubbing our hands at the prospect of some compelling small cap value plays starting to emerge and we have already seen the SCVP benefit handsomely from one such investment. As Paul also demonstrated in 2015, we are also good at spotting frauds having spotted and avoided Globo and Quindell when many were sucked in by the hype!

With a growing number of opportunities and market conditions more supportive of our investment strategy, we are therefore opening up the Paul Scott SCVP to new investors. If you are interested in joining our ‘family’ of investors please get in touch by contacting Chris Boxall or Paul Scott on email [email protected] or [email protected]
A word of warning. The objective of the SCVP is material outperformance of benchmark small cap indices over a long term (3 year +) time horizon. While the SCVP offers regularly liquidity, we would recommend a minimum holding period of 3 years. The minimum initial investment for this offer period is £50,000 with the open period set to close on 31st March 2016.

We wish you successful investing!