Ultimate Stocks Portfolio

Invest in what you know

Invest in what you know and, more importantly, what you use, or better still, what most people around the world use most often to get from day to day. If enough people rely on it, it’s going to make a good investment.  That is the premise which has helped the Ultimate Stocks portfolio outperform the FTSE All Share*.

Companies which provides products or services which we use every day make great investments.
The Investor’s Champion Ultimate Stocks Portfolio follows the rule that it is best to own shares in what you use.

The portfolio contains 25 companies, many of which are popular with their consumers and in high demand. We’re on the hunt for quality and real organic growth which can provide excellent returns for shareholders over the long term.

We’re willing to pay up for that quality, after all, Warren Buffet once said: “the single biggest recurring mistake I’ve made is my reluctance to pay up for outstanding businesses”.

Investors in our Ultimate Stocks portfolio will benefit from holding shares in some fantastic global businesses, full visibility of holdings and low fees.

You can read a full analysis of all the stocks in the Income Booster Portfolio from Investor’s Champion here

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