Meet the founders...

Before making any core investment, we take the time to conduct in-depth market and company specific research.

Founded by senior managers and with a team of experienced, dedicated and specialist analysts and fund managers, Fundamental Asset Management is independent and objective and works closely with institutions, trusts and private investors.

For specialist AIM or portfolio management sevices, we offer bespoke solutions backed by an outstanding, 15-year track record

Stephen Drabwell

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Stephen is a Co-founder and has been involved in the financial services sector since 1990. He was formerly with UBS where he was employed as a sales trader on the portfolio trading desk and at Washington Financial Group where he was senior trader and a key member of the management team of the Washington US Fund, a successful US equity small and mid cap long/short fund.


Chris Boxall

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Chris is a Co-founder and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1989. He was formerly with Deloitte & Touche, senior adviser with a specialist business consultancy and more recently at Washington Financial Group where he was a key member of the investment management team of the Washington US Fund Ltd, a successful long/short equity fund.

  • General Portfolio Management
  • AIM Market expertise with Inheritance Tax planning
  • SIPP Portfolio Management
  • Fund Management