How to keep Jeremy Hunt’s hands off your family’s money

With today’s HMRC announcement that Inheritance Tax (IHT) Receipts are up £1billion to £7.1bn, Fundamental Asset Management give some tips for keeping the money you want to leave your family out of the Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s hands. Fundamental’s portfolio manager, Chris Boxall explained:

“Using AIM for IHT is the easy, non-contentious way of getting IHT relief on investments on behalf of your estate when you pass away; keeping Jeremy Hunt’s hands (or whoever is the Chancellor at the time) off your money.”

Fundamental Asset Management’s Top Tips:


    Do you have old ISAs that are going to form part of your estate upon death? You might wish to transfer these into an AIM IHT Portfolio to save up to 40% of their value through IHT relief. Fundamental Asset Management accept transfers-in of old ISAs.


    Consider if “only” using this year’s ISA allowance is going to reduce your IHT liability as much as you want in the long run. You may also want to invest in a non-ISA AIM IHT portfolio to allow your family the opportunity to potentially inherit more of your money when the time comes.


    View the investment to be over at least a 5-year period. If you cannot afford to be without this money, it may be that this investment is not right at this time. It also potentially enables you to better see the investment opportunities AIM can deliver.

Remember, for your estate to not pay Inheritance Tax on the investment – a saving of 40% – your investment needs to be in certain AIM shares that qualify for Business Relief. The shares need to:

Be held for 2 years or more and still held at death; and
Be held in a company that still qualifies for Business Relief at the time of the investor’s death.

Fundamental Asset Management’s AIM Inheritance Tax portfolio service can help you leave more of your money to your family instead of HMRC. To find out more about the benefits of AIM, please speak to our Business Development Manager, Jonathan Bramall, via email [email protected] or phone 01923 713 894.