Fear vs greed

Fundamental's take on the market and specific stocks

It has been a painful time for AIM investors across the board. Fundamental Asset Management portfolio managers have been giving their thoughts and insights into where the market is, how we got here and where it might be going. In addition, in a recent interview with Jeremy Naylor on IGTV, co-Managing Director Chris Boxall talks about specific stocks, the potential bargains and things to watch out for.


To view the new webinar please click on the following link – AIM: cheap for good reason or bargains to be snapped up? In the webinar, AIM in Q3 as well as Year To Date is reviewed, why we are where we are and what lies ahead.


For the interview with Jeremy Naylor click on Bargain hunting on AIM. In the interview, Jeremy Naylor of IGTV and Chris Boxall of Fundamental Asset Management, discusses potential bargains on AIM following recent falls.


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