The Fundamentals #5 – How to use AIM to stop HMRC taking money from your family?

HMRC took a record amount of Inheritance Tax in April

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In the fifth of our series – The Fundamentals – about going back to the basics of investing in AIM shares for Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning purposes, we look at: How to use AIM to stop HMRC taking money from your family.

Figures released yesterday by HMRC showed they took £6.1 billion in Inheritance Tax for March – up by £0.7 billion on last year. How can clients use AIM  to reduce the amount their family pays after they pass away?

One way is for a client to invest in certain AIM shares that qualify for Business Relief for 2 years and provided they are still held at death, the estate will not pay Inheritance Tax on them.

What is Business Relief?

Business Property Relief or BPR (now known as Business Relief) was first introduced in 1976 to allow family businesses to be passed down through generations free of IHT. Its scope subsequently widened and since 1996 it was made available for a range of assets, including limited companies. This means if you buy and hold shares in such companies you could potentially pass on those shares IHT free provided that:

  • the shares are held for at least two years and are still held on death
  • the company still qualifies for BPR at the time of the investor’s death

You could buy as few or as many shares as you wish. There is no upper limit or allowance. Provided the above conditions are met, the whole value of the investment – be it £10,000 or £10 million – should attract 100% IHT relief.

Please note, tax benefits depend on circumstances and tax rules can change.

Inheritance Tax mitigation

A Fundamental AIM Inheritance Tax portfolio achieves 100% mitigation from Inheritance Tax after only two years. Not seven years as is the case through a gifting or trust approach.

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