Inheritance Tax Up, Stamp Duty Down

The latest data released by HMRC shows receipts for Inheritance Tax (IHT) has gone up while Stamp Duty receipts have declined. For the period of April 2023 to September 2023, IHT receipts have surged to £3.9 billion, marking a £400 million increase from the same period last year.

This rise can be attributed to the freezing of tax thresholds over the years, dragging more families into the IHT bracket. The requirement to pay IHT within six months after a person’s death poses a challenge, especially when the primary asset, such as a house, needs to be sold to cover the tax liability. Delays in the probate process and the current market conditions mean that individuals might incur interest charges until the property is sold.

Additionally, Stamp Duty receipts for the same period have experienced a significant decline, totalling £7.7 billion, which is £3.0 billion lower than the previous year. This drop is attributed to the slowing housing market which has seen house prices falling. The prevailing cost-of-living crisis and high mortgage rates indicate that there might not be a substantial improvement in the immediate future.

The interplay of frozen tax thresholds, delayed probate processes, and fluctuating housing market conditions underscores the challenges faced by individuals and families dealing with Inheritance Tax which is so often affected by property ownership. These factors create uncertainties, with families struggling to navigate the intricacies of estate management and tax payments amid these challenging times.

An established strategy for individuals concerned about IHT is using AIM listed companies which are eligible for Business Relief to reduce their potential liability. The easiest way to do this is using an AIM specialist firm that specialises in investing in AIM for IHT planning. For more information click here. Existing ISAs can also be transferred; keeping the ISA allowance while taking advantage of the Business Relief to reduce IHT potential liability.

You can find out more about AIM ISAs here: ‘AIM ISA Explained’.

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