Creating investment portfolios suited to your requirements

Investing in AIM IHT Portfolios for tax efficient growth

AIM Inheritance Tax Portfolios

Our dedicated AIM Inheritance Tax Portfolios have been producing outstanding results since 2004, significantly out-performing major UK stock market indices*

Investing in AIM companies with the added benefit of potential Inheritance Tax mitigation is a proven, effective and straightforward tax planning method, where assets remain under your control and are accessible at any time.

Your AIM IHT portfolio will reflect your investment requirements by investing in well-established, profitable and cash generative AIM companies, many of which also provide an attractive dividend yield.

These exciting, ambitious businesses offer excellent investment opportunities, combined with attractive tax benefits and the opportunity to support the global businesses of the future.

Our AIM Blog, Publications and Broadcasts provide regularly updates on news from this dynamic growth market.

*Typical AIM Inheritance Tax portfolio managed by Fundamental Asset Management and held for longer than 5 years.

Obtaining 100% Inheritance Tax Relief with AIM shares

By investing in AIM-quoted companies that qualify for Business Relief, our AIM Inheritance Tax portfolio service can help you obtain 100% relief from Inheritance Tax in the UK, if held for two years and still held at death.

This FREE report explains how AIM companies, selected and managed by experts at Fundamental, can help you avoid Inheritance Tax and potentially substantially increase your wealth. Download the report from the link here

ISA attractions

In addition to this relief, AIM shares can also be held within an ISA, giving you Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax relief, making this one of the most attractive tax-efficient investments on the market.

If you have an existing ISA, you can also use it to invest in qualifying AIM companies.

Available on leading adviser wrap platforms

Our IHT Portfolio service can also be accessed through the Standard Life Elevate, Transact, Nucleus and CoInvestor platforms.

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