The Fundamentals #6 – How long do you need to hold a qualifying stock for it to receive IHT relief?

Calendar questions around Inheritance Tax

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In the sixth of our series – The Fundamentals – about going back to the basics of investing in AIM shares for Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning purposes, we look at How long do you need to hold a qualifying stock for it to receive IHT relief?

We recently ran a webinar for financial advisers where we answered questions on How to use AIM for Inheritance Tax Planning? We received a number of questions regarding the length of time shares must be held to benefit from IHT relief. With the risk warning that we are not tax advisers as well as that tax benefits depend on circumstances and tax rules can change, we have put our understanding of the rules below.

What is the length of time a Business Relief (BR) qualifying stock must be held so a client’s estate does not need to pay Inheritance Tax?

  • A share (and any replacements) must have been held for at least a total of 2 years and still be held on death.
  • The company must still qualify for Business Relief at the time of the investor’s death.

Does the overall AIM portfolio need to be held for 2 years to claim BR or is it on a share by share basis?

  • It is on a share by share basis.

If a qualifying stock is sold and new qualifying stocks are purchased, does that reset the clock?

  • As long as the whole of the money from the sale of the stock is reinvested, the calendar does not reset.

Does HMRC publish a list of qualifying AIM stocks which, if held for 2 years, would qualify for IHT relief?

  • No, HMRC doesn’t produce a list but this is where using experts such as Fundamental Asset Management comes into play. Not only do we select stocks based on the qualifying criteria but we also keep them under review in case their Business Relief qualifying status changes. It is also worth noting that as well as the potential of saving 40% on IHT, our AIM for IHT portfolio service has seen historical growth that has outstripped other indices and competitors over many years.

For more information about reducing Inheritance Tax by using Business Relief click here.

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