The Fundamental Asset Podcast – Episode 2

In this second episode of The Fundamental Asset Podcast, Chris Boxall, co-founder of Fundamental Asset Management, discusses three UK micro-cap stocks to keep a close eye on.

All three companies are growing but do have areas of concern which are holding their share prices back.

Chris also shares some red flags to look for when analysing companies.

Key topics for the second episode:

The latest Inheritance Tax news.
Companies: Anexo (ANX), Time Finance (TIME), PCI-PAL (PCIP), Character Group (CCT) and Volvere (VLE).
Red flags for investors to look out for.
Big contracts for small companies – can they execute and deliver?
Significance of senior management remuneration for smaller companies.

You can listen to the podcast from the link here (Note: this links you to the Fund Your Retirement site)


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Webinar: AIM IHT – Do’s, Don’ts & Maybes
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