The Fundamentals #7 – 10 reasons to invest with Fundamental Asset Management

Expertise in AIM for IHT planning

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In the seventh of our series – The Fundamentals – about going back to the basics of investing in AIM shares for Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning purposes, we look at  reasons to invest with Fundamental Asset Management.

If you or your client already invests with us, we hope you don’t mind us reminding you what makes us different.

10 Reasons to invest with Fundamental

1. Same portfolio managers since founding in 2004.

2. Our in-depth research seeks out the best investment opportunities on AIM.

3. Experience and expertise, gained through several stock market cycles, along with our outstanding customer service, makes Fundamental Asset Management one of the most successful AIM managers for tax efficient investing in the UK.

4. Personal service with resources such as market insights and direct contact with our portfolio managers.

5. “Core and Satellite” investing approach provides exposure to larger AIM stocks as well as smaller companies with higher growth potential.

6. Excellent value for our clients; a fully tailored portfolio service.

7. Client retains access – assets remain in client’s own name – so no loss of control and client has freedom to redeem part or all if needed.

8. Significantly outperformed the AIM market since inception in 2004, but monthly returns have exhibited less volatility.

9. Support to estates after a client has passed away. At a difficult time, we provide the information HMRC requires at no additional charge.

10. One of the most competitively priced products in the market providing excellent value.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Business Development Manager Jonathan Bramall via email [email protected] or phone 01923 713 894

The Fundamentals Series

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