Is AIM outperformance set to continue?

AIM has been the envy of growth markets around the world for some time now. It significantly outperformed London’s main market in all key areas during the Covid-19 crisis and has also significantly outperformed over the past 5 years.

The make-up of AIM has changed considerably since it began back in 1995 when it was considered the wild west of investment markets. Today is a very different picture.

AIM has become a very well-rounded market with many highly profitable, well-established and fast-growing companies. AIM has large exposure to some of the economy’s best performing sectors such as technology and is the marketplace of choice for many exciting new UK growth companies.

But can it last? Are valuations too stretched? Is there a correction around the corner? Could the tax benefit rug be pulled from under its feet? Should you be concerned?

Watch the recording of our session Is AIM heading for a fall… or is its outperformance set to continue?  where we discussed these questions and more.

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