FTSE main market still struggling to keep pace with AIM!

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Against all apparent and previously established logic London’s AIM market for smaller growing companies has comfortably outperformed London’s main market in all key areas during the Covid-19 period so far, one of the worst periods of economic uncertainty and downturn in our economic history.

The AIM All-Share index rose 26% between the end of January 2020 and the end of March 2021, while the FTSE All-Share Index fell -7.8%.

Also, in 2020 AIM saw a -27% fall in the number of companies leaving the market bringing the total to 55. However, the number of companies de-listing on the FTSE All-Share, rose 8% to 53, with some of those joining AIM.

On top of that, money raised by new companies joining the main market fell -19% to £2.5bn, while AIM only saw a decline of -1% from £496m to £489m.

Our associated online investment magazine Investor’s Champion covers all the new arrivals to AIM. April’s new arrivals are covered in the Blog here.

But why such a difference? Well AIM by its nature is a marketplace for many innovative and fast-moving business which are better positioned to adapt quickly. AIM also has a large exposure to some of the economy’s best-performing sectors, such as technology. The main market on the other hand has been pulled down by more established and slow-moving businesses with some in struggling sectors in the pandemic such as oil, banking and housebuilding.

The main market is yet to reach its pre-pandemic level. In contrast, AIM keeps its place as one of the most successful growth markets in the world and continues to prosper and generate enviable returns for investors.

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