Fundamental Asset Management introduce positive & sustainable growth into AIM IHT portfolios

Read the What Investment coverage of Fundamental Asset Management’s recent decision to broadening its investment mandate and introduce positive & sustainable growth into its AIM IHT portfolio. (Read the full article here)

Chris Boxall, co-founder & co-managing director at Fundamental Asset has said: “this is an inevitable evolution of our successful AIM for IHT portfolio service. We recognise the opportunity for growth which positive and sustainable early-stage investing presents, while also supporting those businesses executing positive change”.

Rather than avoiding companies which do not meet typical ESG criteria, Fundamental wants to support those businesses executing positive change in their respective industries.

For example, many of AIM’s healthcare related companies have come to fore over the pandemic, whether in the area of testing or drug development. There has also been growing interest in the alternative energy arena, notably the hydrogen economy, as well as environmental matters in general.

The Fundamental’s AIM IHT portfolios have, up to now, avoided earlier stage, smaller, non-profitable companies in these sectors, due to the perceived heightened risk of these types of business for an IHT planning mandate. However, from discussions with clients and advisers they see a growing enthusiasm for supporting companies making a positive commitment to society, despite the majority of such businesses not having yet achieved profitability.

Fundamental Asset will continue to adopt their proven core/satellite approach to portfolio construction, but will increasingly consider investing small elements of the satellite basket in smaller, fast-growing, earlier stage companies.

While there is clearly perceived added risk investing in companies which are potentially in need of further capital injections to commercialise their product or service, the nature of markets has seen these types of ‘new economy’ businesses perform strongly over recent years and attract significant amounts of capital. We consider that investors’ enthusiasm for supporting more innovative companies in fast growing sectors may continue to deliver outperformance.

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Third-party due diligence provider MICAP have recently released their report for the Fundamental Asset AIM IHT portfolio for year 2020/2021. We are pleased to announce that we continue to lead the way on performance with a top quartile position over 1, 3, 5 & 10 years! Read the full report here.