Introducing our new Adviser Centre!

At Fundamental Asset, we understand the important role financial advisers play in helping clients make good financial decisions to achieve their goals. We feel it is our duty to support you in this which is why we have created our new Adviser Centre.

Our Adviser Centre is designed to make your life easier and has everything you need to manage and support your clients. This dedicated adviser area includes our educational webinar and literature libraries, client case studies and detailed insights. You can also build your own illustration, find details of your dedicated relationship manager and find links to all our third-party platform partners.

Here is a quick summary of some of the resources to help you as financial adviser:

Adviser Guides

We understand that AIM investing is one part of several areas where you support clients. Fundamental Asset are AIM specialists and we take it upon ourselves to support you by providing expert knowledge on everything you need to know about AIM. Our guides so far include Investing in AIM for Inheritance tax and how to discuss risk in AIM with clients. Keep an eye out for more specialist guides over the next few months.

Case Studies

Our library of case studies is designed to be short refresher guides covering various client scenarios where an AIM portfolio can help you and your clients. This may reinforce your understanding of where AIM can help your clients or it might help unlock an opportunity in your existing client base.

Build an Illustration

You can now build your own illustration on our website using our new illustration builder. This can include your adviser remuneration as well as our own management fees and any third-party platform fees. Give it a try!

Your Relationship Manager

We understand how important it is for you to have a direct line of communication with any investment manager managing money on behalf of your clients and we want to be as open and contactable to you as we can possibly be. As such, not only do you have a dedicated contact but you can even call directly into our cofounders and portfolio managers.

Educational Webinars

Every month we present an educational webinar on AIM to the adviser community. These include topics such as post-Covid opportunities in AIM, all you need to know about investing in AIM for IHT and even discussing risk in AIM with clients. All these sessions are available to watch on-demand through our online adviser centre. You can even register for any up-coming sessions here too!

Our Platform Partners

Platforms play an important part in most financial adviser business models by removing unnecessary risk, reducing time spent on administration and expanding investment options. We recognise this, and so we position our AIM Inheritance Tax ISA and AIM Inheritance Tax Portfolio service on many of the key adviser platforms in the UK. Have a look on our adviser centre to see if we are on your chosen platform.


We have even built a large database of frequently asked questions from advisers to help you get a quick answer to a common question.


Our Adviser Centre is designed to make life easier by helping you support and manage your client bank. Take a look! and let me know what you think.

Enjoy your weekend!

Derek Mclay

Business Development Manager

077437 25659/ [email protected]


Join me and the Fundamental Asset Team where we will be introducing our new Adviser Centre and discussing how AIM can help you and your clients.

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