Is your ISA at risk of a 40% Inheritance Tax charge?

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If you are one of those people who have been saving into an ISA throughout your working life, then you are most likely to be in the fortunate position of having grown this investment into a significant asset. Investing into an ISA was a good move as it offers you tax-free growth and income on your savings. So far so good. However, if you are at the stage in life where you ought to be considering your estate for Inheritance Tax (IHT) then you may have an issue.

An ISA can be liable to a 40% claim by the taxman through Inheritance Tax at the time of your death, significantly reducing the value of your estate and the amount of assets that will pass to your loved ones.

What can you do about this?

One proven and simple solution is to transfer your existing ISA into an AIM IHT ISA managed by an experienced investment team. This could allow you to:

  • mitigate 100% potential Inheritance Tax if held for two years and on death
  • benefit from the leading growth potential offered by AIM as one of the world’s leading growth markets
  • continue to benefit from tax-free income and growth within the ISA wrapper
  • retain control of your assets- you can make withdrawals if needed

You can find out more about the benefits of investing in AIM for IHT planning purposes in our free report available from the link here.

Interested in hearing more about how AIM for IHT works? Then why not watch our webinar session named All you need to know about investing in AIM for inheritance Tax where we delve into the subject in more detail.

AIM, London’s growth market, has materially outperformed the UK main stock market for a number of years, reflected in the very strong performance of AIM for IHT planning portfolios.

The Fundamental AIM IHT Portfolio is a discretionary investment management service where clients can obtain 100% mitigation from Inheritance Tax, benefit from the capital growth afforded by the AIM market and retain control of their assets.

You can find out more about Fundamental Asset Management’s high performing AIM IHT ISA and AIM Inheritance Tax portfolio service, which has been delivering exceptional investment returns for more than 17 years, from the link here.


AIM IHT ISAs can be higher risk, more volatile and less liquid when compared to conventional ISAs. Tax rules can change and benefits depend upon circumstances.