Did you know? AIM shares can be held in ISA and on platform…

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With tax allowances frozen by The Chancellor at the last Spring Statement and rising inflation there has been an increase in the number of people finding themselves with an inheritance tax issue. This is also affecting financial advisers who are spending more of their time helping clients with their Inheritance Tax planning to navigate this issue.

Something which helps both parties is that AIM shares can be held in a client’s ISA wrapper and on many adviser platforms.

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AIM is the London Stock Exchange’s market for smaller companies. It has developed into the world’s most successful and established market for dynamic high-growth companies with access to a wide range of countries and sectors.

AIM is designed to help smaller companies access capital from the public market. AIM allows these companies to raise capital by listing on a public exchange with much greater regulatory flexibility compared to the main LSE stock market.

Business Property Relief

AIM shares that qualify for business property relief and held for at least two years do not form part of the estate for inheritance tax calculation purposes and can be passed on after death tax-free. This means AIM shares can be used to mitigate against the 40% potential inheritance tax bill which could apply to these assets.

The two-year clock starts ticking from the time you make the investment in qualifying shares. Subsequent investments start a new clock ticking so accurate records must be kept on different durations. If you sell after two years, you have three years to reinvest the proceeds back into qualifying shares for the benefit to continue without starting the two-year clock again. And lastly, you must be invested at the point of death.


AIM ISAs have been around since 2013, when the Government changed the rules to allow investors to hold AIM-listed shares within an ISA for the first time. This means qualifying business property relief AIM shares can be held within a tax- efficient stocks and shares ISA wrapper. AIM ISAs get the same tax breaks as other ISAs: any growth or income from the shares is tax-free.

The maximum amount you can pay into an AIM ISA in any given tax year is determined by the ISA allowance at the time as set by the government. For the current tax year 2021/2022 this is £20,000.

An investor can transfer their full current year’s ISA subscriptions or all or part of previous year’s ISA subscriptions into an AIM ISA. Transfers within an ISA should not create a CGT event.


IHT solutions used to only be available directly with investment managers, with advisors forced to direct assets off their designated wrap platform in order to access these.

Adviser platforms have now evolved to let clients invest in individual stocks, including those listed on AIM, and even allow Discretionary Fund Managers (DFMs), such as Fundamental Asset Management, to manage portfolios of AIM stocks on platform on behalf of clients.

This means you can offer AIM for Inheritance Tax planning solutions to your clients and keep their assets in one place, thereby retaining the benefits a platform has to offer.

With a platform clients benefit from reduced dealing, product, custody and investment costs as well as giving them access to investment products they would not normally be able to access by going directly.

Advisers benefit from being able to manage everything in one place, reducing time on administration and allowing for more time to be spent with clients. Furthermore, the platform technology itself allows advisers to take advantage of an advanced reporting system.

Platforms are also beneficial for investment managers like Fundamental Asset. The ability to manage client portfolios in one place and to remove custody risk from our own business model is a key advantage. As such, we are committed to the IFA and platform markets and work closely with our platform partners, including Standard Life Wrap, Elevate, Nucleus, Transact, Ascentric and Funds Network.

You can hear more about the outperformance of AIM from our CPD adviser webinar session: Is AIM heading for a fall… or is its outperformance set to continue?

The Fundamental AIM IHT Portfolio is a discretionary investment management service where clients can obtain 100% mitigation from Inheritance Tax, benefit from the capital growth afforded by the AIM market and retain control of their assets.

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